Advertising campaign

VINCI Park affichage sodetrel

In order to communicate on its range of services, VINCI Park launched an advertising campaign in 2014 illustrating the following services:

  • paying for parking with its electronic ticketing
  • traditional services such as lending an umbrella, Radio VINCI Park in car parks, lending a bike, parking on the day of his birthday
  • the provision of electrically assisted bicycles
  • the provision of charging stations for electric vehicles in its car parks


  • Art direction
  • Illustrations
  • Copywriting
VINCI Park detail sodetrel
VINCI Park affiche telepeage
VINCI Park detail telepeage
VINCI Park affichage services traditionnels
VINCI Park detail services traditionnels
VINCI Park affiche velo electrique
VINCI Park detail velo electrique

Other projects


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LAZ Parking RFP material design

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Laurent Holdrinet
graphic design
& art direction

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