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Logo & UI design

skicase identité visuelle

Skicase is a French brand manufacturing lockers for winter sports equipment (skis, snowboards, shoes, etc.).
Located at the foot of the slopes, the lockers are bookable on site or online and have a capacity of 5 pairs of shoes and skis / snowboards. The racks are equipped with a hot air drying and sanitizing / deodorizing system.


  • Design of the brand identity (logotype and graphic charter)
  • Design of the user interface (UI) of the online reservation website and mobile application (integration and development by customer)
skicase conception logo design

Logo design
The logotype consists of a typography and a symbol.
The symbol highlights the main product of the Skicase brand: the storage locker.

Logo components

  • lowercase sans serif modern typography
  • simplicity of the geometric symbol with optical effect by perspective game: locker or abstract volume form
  • high readability of the reduced-size set (screens)
  • symbol/logotype available in identity patterns on all communication media
  • blue Pantone 298, color of the natural elements: air (sky) and water (snow)
tshirt skicase

Other works

Brand identity

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