LAZ Parking

Signage System

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In order to assert their brand image and make their parking lots easier to identify among all their competitors’, LAZ Parking launch in 2013 the design and study of their new signage system.
This identification system must apply to all of their holdings:

  • car parks within buildings,
  • closed and surface outdoor parks,
  • street parking,
  • parking spaces within partner buildings: hotels, restaurants, cultural venues… which have their own branding.



  • Art direction
  • Signage system design
LAZ signage table of contents
LAZ covered parking signage
LAZ parking rates
LAZ signage typography
LAZ story size rules

Other projects

LAZ Parking RFP material design

LAZ Parking

RFP marketing material

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Brand identity

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Ad Campaign Design

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Laurent Holdrinet
graphic design
& art direction

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